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HDQC Services and Goals

With over 180+ combined years experience, the HDQC Council knows the Heavy Duty Parts Industry. We are dedicated to inspecting medium and heavy duty truck parts to insure they meet or exceed similar standards as OEM parts. The requirements for HDQC certification are not quick or easy. There are stringent guidelines for any part or product line to become approved and certified. We compare After Market parts to their OEM counter-parts to insure that the After Market parts meet the OEM in form, fit and function.

Parts must be subject to the following series of tests and investigations to become HDQC Certified:

* MFG facility and processes must be to high standards with Quality Control measures in place.

* Parts must comply with specific standards for safety, quality, fitment, finish, form and performance.

* Manufacturer must approve permission for unannounced inspections or product sampling by HDQC after a part becomes certified during the continued manufacture of the approved product.

* Durability and warranty features of part must meet or exceed OEM counterpart.

* Corrosion testing, vibration testing, thermal testing, testing for thickness of chrome plating or paint, integrity of components/materials, and more.

* Parts must offer the end user a good value, fair price,longevity and safety.

* Manufacturer must be able to maintain inventory to fill supply chain, be able to distribute the product in USA and Canada in a timely, reliable and accurate manner, and be able to fulfill any warranty issues that may arise.

* Manufacturer must conduct business in a fair, honorable and ethical manner at all times.

* Manufacturer must offer satisfactory Customer Service resources to address potential issues.

* Manufacturers must utilize environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

To learn more, send your questions, comments or concerns to:


PO BOX 310

Joplin, Mo 64802

Richard Voyles - Chairman

[email protected]